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    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2012
    Hi, I've read a lot about alternative and renewable energy resources, so many thoughts and opinions so it's easy to get lost. So I want to share my experience and thoughts on the subject.  
    After Fukushima many decided to abandon nuclear energy and I believe that's right, but using of green energy doesn't look effective enough. For one, Germany decided to use green energy and the same time build coal power plants. It's like a step into the dark ages, not saying that environment will be harmed. Green energy is good, but less effective and can't provide big and growing cities with the required amount of energy, and that's pricey so expenses maybe won't be even paid off in many decades.  
    I got some experience with alt. energy when I equipped my country house with solar power system and put one wind generator. It was very expensive but I hoped it worth it. Actually I was disappointed because the systems weren't effective when there were a nasty turns in the weather and later I learned that such systems, specifically solar panels, are produced with use of hazardous elements that are very bad for health and ecology. And every time when I faced energy shortage from my new expensive green energy systems I used my old gas generator that never let me down.  
    Finally I sold my solar and wind systems and decided to use gas as the main source of energy, because it is cheap and clean. So why inventing some new systems of green energy that are very expensive, not safe, and unpredictable when society can use traditional well-tried gas and oil? I don't understand...
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2015
    "just use gas and oil, it's easier" you are an long do you think oil is gonna be around for us to keep raping it? nothing lasts forever especially for convenience addicts. oil does not come from a "magic" bottomless pit, like obama's heart, but from our mother earth and someones elses territory that we, america, takes, steals, bully's, whatever you call it, what rock have you been under cuz its not this rock, earth that needs love & respect, just like the children ON this earth that NEED to learn and start getting along and play nice together, cuz we are all in this together, like it or not! good luck all and god bless
    There are top energy types like solar energy in India & Wind energy in India.  
    Welspun Renewable has develop world’s largest solar plant in India.  
    Here are types of sources:  
    1. Solar Energy  
    2. Wind Energy  
    3. Geothermal Energy  
    4. Hydrogen Energy  
    5. Hydroelectric Energy  
    6. Biomass Energy  
    7. Fossil Fuels
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2016
    Give some more credit to nuclear energy, compare the issues facing different energy sources:

    Fossil Fuels: Will not last indefinitely, pollution

    True Renewable: Simply not enough incoming energy, and hard to store

    Nuclear: Disposal and preventing meltdowns

    The first two sources have fundamental problems that are likely unsolvable until we have a complete technological progression. On the other hand nuclear power is being used very effectively and the problems facing it are engineering ones, which are much easier to solve. Take even the Fukushima Reactor incident: 39 injuries, no immediate deaths, and some estimates predict there will be no casualties even from long term effects. All it takes is proper security and emergency response to make nuclear power safe. Much easier than trying to create something from nothing to get more oil.
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2017
    Everyone has probably wondered why is the Theory of Relativity so important and significant. We are all well aware that in every day life Newton's "old time" comprehension of gravity functions flawlessly. It functions even when it comes to sending men on the Moon, launching the space ships towards other planets etc. Then, why bother with complicated calculations in General Theory of Relativity, when Newton's theory gives satisfactory results in all known situations?
    For a long time after Theory of Relativity was published, no one believed that there is a place in universe where Newton's theory stops functioning, place where the time and the space are so dilatated that it is necessary to use general Theory of relativity. In the proximity of Earth, Sun, Jupiter and other well known masses gravity is very weak and time-space continuum is slightly curved, so Newton's theory gives good resuls- says Veljko Milković, the invenor from Novi Sad, Serbia, for Novi Sad "Ona" portal.

    -During the 1960s, the physicists began to understand evolutive path of the stars, from birth to death. In some phases of a life of the star which are much more massive than our Sun, Newton's theory stops "wworking. When the end of life of such a star closes, gravity finally beats inner forces (heat radiation, electrostatic repulsion...) in a "war" that was waged for few million vears. Then the star starts to shrink in size, and its density and gravity start rising. Gravitational force is reversly proportional to square of the distance, which means that if the radius of the star is two times smaller, force increases four times and the mass of the star changes. Stronger gravity means more dilatation in time - space continuum. This process starts of slowly, but in one moment, suddenly, gravitation begins to overcome the forces between the particles of a dyin star. In a matter of seconds, the star shrinks immensly, while its particles (protones, neutrones, electrones) are being pushed into one another. There is no more natural force able to" beat" gravity, and the star is destined to become black hole - explains Milković.

    As the star closes to its inevitable destiny, less and less light manages to escape gravity. Curvitude of space-time continuum is so great that only the rays which are leaving the star in vertical dimension manage to escape. If someone had the possibility to observe this star from the safe distanceit would seem that its luster is slowly diminishes.
    Finally, in one of the phases, curvitude becoms so big that the light cannot leave the star at all. This happens whn a star gravity becomes so strong that its fisrt cosmical speed is bigger than the speed of light, the biggest speed in the nature. It is said that the star has fallen into its event horizon. The term "event horizon" is very suitable. It is literally the horizon in the space- time continuum geometry, and no event can be seen behind it. that place is detached from our space and time, it is no longer part of our universe.

    Unfortunately for the star, gravity doesn't stop when it compresses the star within the event horizon. The strenght of gravity rises until the whole star is compresed into a single dot. In that dot pressure and density are infinite, and more importantly, space - time continuum curvitude is infinite. That is the dot where the star goes. Every atom and particle of the star are completely crushed and destroyed on that place. It is the very heart of the black hole called the singularity.
    Black hole is empty, and its structure is very simple. It has only two parts - singularity and event horizon. There is nothig else. No atoms, rocks, gasses or dust. Nothing! All star matter is completely crushed and compressed in singularity in the black hole centre.
    Many strange effects of Generall Theory of Relativity, the same ones which are infitesimal on Earth, are grossly inhanced when near the black hole. Slowing the time down, on Earth, for example, is possible to totally ignore, but on the event horizon which is around the black hole, the time completely stops. According to our every day experience whe now that we move throught tridimenstional world. up - down, left-right,forwad-bacward, but through time we must move in only one direction : from past to future. As opposed to that in the black hole there is a liberty of moving through time, but the freedom we get in time travel, we pay with restriction to move through space. In black hole all roads take to singularity, eventually.

    Black holes are one of the simplest objects in universe,and yet they are the most peculiar ones.
    Lets imagine that gian star again, at the end of its life. Befoe the collapse starts time-space continuum around the star are curved lightly. As the star shrinks, the dilatation of time - space continuum is getting bigger and bigger (piqturesque: on flat space - time plain a bigger and bigger dent forms). Einstain and Rozen analized what evetually happens to dents in during 1930s. They have got to a conclusion that the dents opens again and connects to another dimention. This unusual property of the black hole was named Eistein-Rozen bridge. But that wasn't all. Later the conclusion was made that it is possible that Einstein-Rozens bridge links two distant points in universe space - time continuum.This kind of "unnels" are called wormholes.
    We should mention that wormholes can connect parts of the universe within itself, on mnay different places,ut it would be different places in space -time continuum. In other words, entering one of those "other dimensions" you could re-enter our universe, on the same space but in another time. That is a time travelling machine. In theory, when we would into rotating wormhole and carefully piloted our space ship, we could re-emerge in our universe billion years ago and visit Earth before the dinosaus emegred on it .

    It would be nice to use a time travelling machine such as that. We could visit many interesting events in the past, watch them first hand or event participate in them . But is that kind of mechanism physics of science fiction, we leave for you to judge.