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    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2014
    Hi I have been interested in this subject for a few years now and have came up with loads of little ideas. My most recent one being free energy through using a water wheel.  
    Could you run a small water wheel which generates enough electric to pump the water back up so it flows back down and turns the wheel leaving spare electric???
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2014
    No. The energy to pump up the water in optimal circumstances (with a 100% efficiency water wheel, generator, wire, and pump) would be exactly equal to the energy sending it back down. In reality, however, some water misses the wheel and doesn't help to generate (but can only go back up if the pump pushes it), the generator loses energy to heat as do the wires and pump, and the pump itself generates shaking motion (if we assume it's like a bicycle pump) that wastes energy uselessly jiggling the pipes as a byproduct.
    One kilogram dropped one meter will have a velocity of 4.429 m/sec and therefore a momentum of 4.429 units.  
    Two kilogram dropped one meter will have a velocity of 4.429 m/sec and therefore a momentum of 8.859 units.  
    Place all of that 8.859 units of momentum into one kilogram and it will rise to 4 meters. At four meters height a one kilogram mass has an energy of 39.24 joules. Two kilograms at one meter height has 19.62 joules. The input energy is 19.62 joules and the output is 39.24 joules. So: yes you can produce such a pump.
    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2018
    Veljko Milkovic invented a mechanical device which outputs more work than it takes to run it.

    It is so simple to build that there are many replications all over the world and it is spreading fast - for the last several years.

    This is yet another device, which defeats the equal and opposite reaction requirement - similar to the Fernando Sixto Ramos Solano Force Multiplier. The reaction in this machine helps to produce work in the forward direction instead of countering the input. It's mechanical jujitsu.

    There is a new website they put together - Welcome to the World of Pendulum Power - Veljko Milkovic's Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator - Official presentation

    The old site is still there: Veljko Milkovic - Home Page - Official presentation of the researcher and inventor Veljko Milkovic


    Mechanical Oscillator - The Pendulum-Lever System
    - A Mechanical Amplifier of Clean Energy -

    Free Mechanical Energy Device

    A simple mechanism with new mechanical effects, represents the source of clean mechanical energy. This gravity machine has only two main parts: a massive lever and a pendulum. The interaction of the two-stage lever multiplies input energy into output energy convenient for useful work (mechanical hammer, press, pump, transmission, electric generator...).

    Mechanical hammer with a pendulum

    1 - anvil, 2 - massive lever, 3 - lever axel, 4 - physical pendulum
    The creator, inventor and constructor of the two-stage mechanical oscillator and the author of the related patents is academician Veljko Milkovic -- a Serbian internationally awarded researcher and inventor being interested in past events, ecological innovations and new clean technologies. During his successful research career, he created around 114 inventions and got 29 granted patents some of which have been in use for years.