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    Hello friends,  
    I've seen some videos that shows how an alterator and dynamo are combined with car battery to give free energy. But these videos don't explain how much RPM should these devises should have to work together, and don't give some ideas like how much HP is needed from dynamo.  
    What I want to get is, 25A from it. My ultimate aim is to run my bakery shop by it's own power source. Otherwise electric administrators may ask me 50,000 local money, to instal 3phase power. I mean 50,000 for corruption.  
    Who could help me there? I don't have enough knowledge about electricity except some memoryt from grade 10 course.  
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2017 edited
    Me too, i am going to buy a generator, but nobody suggest a good one to me. i am looking for 1500rpm, 50hz, Cummins generator for home use. I find the suitable one: is a little thing that makes a big difference
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2017
    i can built generator free energy try contact me 082123570823 Indonesia
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2017
    The old Serbian saying goes like this :"No one can be a prophet in his own village". The same fate has struck Novi Sad citizen Veljko Milković who hasn't earned deserved fame and reckognitions or due respect, not even after 114 official patents. However, his inventions are highly regarded all over the world. But, unfortunately, in countries where his patents have fallen on fertile ground, scientists don't speak Serbian "for the whole world to understand them", as another old Serbian saying quotes. His opionoin on this matter is following : "The one who manages to reach fame in Serbia is really without competative!"

    This stroy has began during 1970ties, when Veljko Milković patented his first invention, and the space of our site is not nearly large enough to show all of his iventions. Never the less, two of his invention have brought him world wide fame, and we will try to bring them closer to you so you can get to know and understand them.

    Two-stage oscillator is a peculiar device which starts up with a slight touch of a hand, but it produces efect that is immensly stronger in effect. Seemingly simple system, composed of pendulum and lever, was initially made so that it uses the gravity as an initial force. But how?

    -The essence lies in an original application of gravity and inertial forces - explains Milković. -Each strike that is transferred by oscillator, and it is dramatically stronger than the energy which was used to start it up. Even more interesting is the fact that this invention has countless uses. So far, we have used this principle for a water pump and it has shown spectacular results. Many versions of such pumps have already been made based on my invention, and they are made mainly in Unated States of America.

    Milković isn't possesively attached for his patents. He enjoys the fact that his visions are dispersed through the world in different forms. He says that he has made people think and develop his initial ideas.

    - The oscillator produced great energy and it can, for example, be used for shredding pulverizing of ore - adds this inovator. - In that manner, this invention saves serious ammounts of energy. Recently, businessmen from our prominent sawmills, limekilns and similar production plants have payed me a visit. They said that their operations would have a huge benefit from this kind of production facilitator. Needless to say, pumps built on this principle will definitively be wastly exploited in oil and electrical industry. There are thousands of production processes in which my osillators can make significant savings of time and money

    Milković has used the force of gravity to achieve a brilliant effect. He says that many scientist have dreamed, and still are dreaming, about invention of Perpetuum Mobilae. He hasn't discovered it, but he says that he had grasped the initial ideas and that he certainly holds them in his hands.

    Tradicionally and as expected, he hasn't been met with enthusiastic acceptance of his inventions. That is why his pumps were displayed in Rome on great International conference about pure, alternative energies, and on honorary place at that. The host have asked cotization from all patricipants, but they have payed travelling and lodging expenses for our experts.

    -Respectable professor dr Peter Linderman from USA has visited me in Novi Sad, and he dedicated me a permanent place on his site "Free Energry" - adds Veljko Milković. - After careful studying my work with two - stage oscillators he told me :"I see that the amount of energy that is gained is much greater than the energy invested. The ones who won't admit it is not honest, and there is nothing we can do about it".

    Linderman isn't the only expert from USA who has visited Novi Sad in order to see Milković. Others are following in his footsteps. They are many explorers on Internet who are trying to "equip" themselves with energy so that they be as close as possible to Perpetuum Mobilae. But, accordin to world experts, Veljko Milković has come the closest to that goal.

    The family of Aleksandar Nikolić from settlement Roman Trenches on the outer rim of Novi Sad lives in self - heating ecological house which is also Milković's patent. Mr Nikolić is a seasoned engeneer whose knowledge about energetics is vast. This expert was the one who decided his building according to Milković's idea. The savings are huge, and for heating an object of 140 m2 Nikolić manages to save around 1200 euros per year!
    -Reasearch of Petrovaradin Fortress and its underground gave me the idea for building of this type of house - the inventor explains how he shaped this patent, combining his various exploratory passions. - Underground the rooms are warm throughout the year, on a temperature which is just right for pleasant living. After all, a few centuries ago underground houses were often built in Vojvodina. Even caves were used and closed from the front side, where the doors and windows were placed. That was also the part of Milković's idea for the patent.
    Milković made the modern building using the same principle, and he managed to gain more cosiness and great heat saving with less money invested. The house is sheltered with dirt from each side save the front which has to be turned to face the South. Reflective surfaces are placed below and above the windows. They are usually made of aluminum or similar foils which have high reflective pecentage (more than 80%). That allows both heath and light to enter the house and reverberate towards the ceiling, so that the observer from the inside doesn't have any visual adversities. Dirt, which covers the rest of the house, provides thermoinsulation.
    -Experiences with this kind of the house are unusual in many ways - concludes Milković. -Apart from expected effects of heating and cooling (no airconditioning is reqired either), the house is very peaceful and soothing. All who have spent the night in it say that they have slept better than ever, and that their sleep was deep, almost healing. The only problem occurs when a person becomes totally acostumed to such serenity, because they hardly can accept city noises which are normal in every urban area during the night.
    This type of house was presented for the first time in Nagoya, Japan, on science conference which took place in 1995. and was dedicated to healthy buildings. Team of Serbian experts which has presented it was, among others, composed of top architects, lead by Slobodan Krnjetina from Novi Sad University, Faculty for Technological Sciences. So many people were interested in the house, says Krnjetina, that the crowd was almost unpleasantly large.
    So far, Milković has receive 110 official confirmations from Institute for intelectual property of Srbia. About 25 of them are variations and modifications in use of two - stage oscillator.
    Serbia is not the only country which can be sceptical towards new inventions, especially the ones based on gravitational energy. But, as Milković says, there are two types of scientists: those who dismiss this kind of work totally and those who see the future in it.
    Still, whether they admit it or not, both grups closely monitor his work.

    We asked Milković what kind of feeling is it to be the first to invent and present an unique idea. What sensation does entering that new sphere does he get?
    - When you realize that you have done something that is so original, you are consumed by incredible bliss, the pinnacle of happines - says Milković extaticly. -I don't believe that there is a drug which can produce such state of mind, that feeling that you have touched perfection.
    However, this state of mind and the results they produce, bring another unexpected cognition.
    -Suddenly, you see who are you surrounded by. You see good, honest people and those who are opposite of them - explains Milković. - Some of them hug you, kiss you, congratulate you from the bottom of their hearts, and the others would crucify you or impale you, if they only could do it. They look at you with so much hatered and envy. It is unbelievable. And it happens over and over again. Not just when I invent something really big, but with less valuable inventions as well.

    Even in times when Yugoslavia wasn't devastated by wars, and was considerd to be fourth military power on the world, our inventors were totally unknown outside of the country. By European criteria, we were the second to last by the number of registered patents per capita, patent regitration taxes got five times more expensive. This won't fill the gaps in government budget, says Milković. It will only dicourage new Serian inventors to display their patents in their own country. The scientists will be forced to go with them abroad. And the budget? It will still be empty.
    -Switzerland holds the record when it comes to number of registered patents per capita - says Milković. - They are a serious country and they know why they do it. If our inventors had the priviledge to be born in this Alpine country, many of them would have their own scientific institutes. But, that's only wishfull thinking...