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    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2014
    If i use the energy stored in a battery to power my 12V DC @ 20 amps air compressor to store compressed air at 200 psi in a tank, then released that energy to spin two 26" bicycle wheels mounted on a single axle with a belt running around one 26" wheel down to a car alternator with a 3" pulley, so that i get an 8:1 ratio in order to charge my battery that my compressor is connected to? Whew....  
    Ok an 8:1 ratio would give me over 6400 rpm at my alternator if i had 800 rpm on my 26" bicycle rims. Attach small metal blades around the outer edge of the rim without the belt in order to be able to direct the high-pressure air through a small pipe onto wheel.  
    The compressor uses an air pressure switch to cut off at 200 psi, then back on at 165psi. This allows standard 63 amp alternator to continuously spin without compressor running.  
    Add another wheel to the same axle to spin a 48V DC generator in order to hook a single inverter for 120/240 AC. Several combinations could be tried for different voltages.
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2016
    The problem is that your machine is running off power from the battery, and more wont get added, however some will be lost due to air restitance, friction, and enegy loss in a cable.