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    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2015
    Hi dear members,  
    please check my project on Youtube.  
    Detail documentation is available just for 5$  
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2017
    NovI Sad academician and inventor Veljko Milković, whose primary profession is history, has challenged the claims that were adopted so far - that it is not possible to get more enski akademik i pronalazač Veljko Milković , po zanimanju istoričar, opovrgao dosadašnje tvrdnje kako nije moguće dobiti više energije od urgy than you invest. This law of physics has been deemed uncangeable since its discovery.

    With his, a laymen would seem, simple patent - a water pump, he has moved the grounds of world science and finished centuries' old drem of all inventors since man came to know a machine - Perpetuum Mobilae!

    Information about the discover of "two-stage mechanical osillator" by academician from Novi Sad spread through scientific world like a wildfire.

    For the first time, as renowned scientists claim, it is proven that one mechanical process can produce more energy than it was put into it. In other words, a possibility to make the crazy need for energy sources significantly smaller, and that would even stop many global conflicts.

    - This invention seems simple enough, but judging by the reactions of scientific public, it is an extraordinary discovery - says Milković, its maker.

    Combination of pendulum and lever, or see saw and swing, created a new mechanical device which can facilitate dosens of hard jobs: oil drainage, hard press operation, production of electricity...

    -The most important part is the pendulum, which creates pure gravitation based energy. I think that this is a salvation for our planet. Pendulum works like a swing on which we can move with very little energy required. The rest are the finesses of the invention.

    We are talking about pure source of energy, which can prevent world conflicts.

    A group of explorers from Dallas, texas has made a machine using Milković's model and experimentally confirmed that the device produces more mechanical energy than it needs to start working.

    - World exploratory movement for pure energy was born in Novi Sad. The fact that you are getting 12 times more energy than invested is first of its kind in science history - claims Milković

    From New Zealand, across Russia to China, world oil and energetic companies, as well as inventors, have sent their own designs of machines made by the patent of scientist from Novi Sad.

    -When we observe global situation as it is now, it is possible to clench "the hunger" for energy sources, because the information about possibility of saving alone is enough to calm the world down - this inventor is optimistic.
    He ponts out that suggestions from all over the world are pouring into his site. One American even suggested building in the oscillator into street ligts and that people, while waiting for the bus, for example, move the pendulum and thus produce electricity needed for the lights. And in return, they would get a bus ticket.

    Milković is also well known by self-heating houses in which some Novi Sad citizens live for twenty years. But when the news about his nomination for Nobel's prize for physics was published, there were many of those who didn't know the name of this Novi Sad citizen.