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    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2015 edited
    What this Christian Warrior is trying to get out to the world,  
    is the simplicity of tHis Energy is here + now, forever to stay  
    which is even free of all patent fees  
    as I published this over 10 years ago  
    It is as easy as turning the large 100cm circumference pulley by hand just once,  
    Which will rotate how ever many mini one cm pulleys 100 times each,  
    Easily gaining the DC electricity to power more than your drive motor  
    All that you have to do is run the AC electricity coming out of your AC generator  
    Or you could even have three to ten of these AC generators running on the same belt,  
    As free running AC motors/generators are the easiest to realize the dark conspiracy covering this subject,  
    yes this is dirt simple, people think its almost too simple to work,,,  
    yet it does indeed work, you just need the faith to try I guarantee, that everything will try to make you forget just try it out, and you will get to see  
    the workings of one of His don’t let tHis Miracle be hidden any us start using the technology of the Old Testament  
    (Ezekiel 1:16) =“wheel in the middle of a wheel”  
    or to put it simpler,,, a small wheel inside a big wheel  
    I could not acquire the equipment to build the real stuff  
    But I was first described this with a 10 speed bicycle  
    With driving up hill in tenth gear  
    And then coasting down hill in first gear  
    Now let’s build everything with perpetual generators in them  
    + change the world for the ENERGY IS A GIFT TO ALL = the simplicity of electricity multiplication  
    (please read this through, because I believe that I have been equipped)  
    (with an easy explanation that all seem to be able to understand)  
    You put minimal energy into DC motor, (or turn it a little by hand) to rotate a large 100cm circumference pulley only the once, which is connected to a belt that is attached to one or many mini-pulleys, that rotates tens to hundreds of times for a one cm circumference pulley, each of these mini-pulleys are connected to AC motors, this will generate massive amounts of AC electricity, 100 units of AC electricity for every one cm ON GUYS + GALS  
    Let’s get with the program  
    (Electricity Multiplication using simple geometry to multiply rotations)  
    (which is easily converted into the multiplication of AC electricity)  
    Why use oil products, which costs big money, which may go to fund terrorists + contaminates our  
    Or why do we use nuclear, which only leaves radio active nuclear bomb-making by-products to generate our WORKS, and it is so logical, that anybody can see it simply MUST work  
    (Let's use this Gift to not only restart our economies + help our environment)  
    (but if we want to use wisdom, we will help redistribute this new found wealth, to the middle and lower classes, so that we can all give generously, helping the many fantastic charities out there)  
    The only reason that this super simple technology has not been used earlier,  
    to create free energy for the whole world, especially the poorest countries,  
    are the millions, if not billions of fallen angels + evil I believe that these evil spirits are trying desperately make sure, that mankind never discovers,  
    this super simple technology, which is God’s Gift to mankind, that He laid out for us way back in (Ezekiel 1:16)  
    Please don't listen to the evil forces telling you that torque is a problem  
    free running AC electric motors take practically no torque to turn  
    FREE ENERGY IS SO SIMPLE THAT WE HAVE MISSED IT = I cannot believe how much of a hold that Satan has on this godless society,  
    and it amazes me that people won’t believe in how simple free energy They hold on to this imaginary torque problem, which truly does not Think about it this way, how easy is it to rotate a mini-electric motor, with now-a-days electric motors, they are the easiest to turn We only have to put a minuscule amount of DC electricity into this system to rotate your input motor one single This drive motor rotates a 100 cm circumference pulley one single rotation, which only takes an extremely small amount of DC It practically takes nothing to turn over your motor the once, more so of voltage, with practical no You are surely gaining some massive amounts of electricity This minimal amount of DC electricity input uses simple geometry to multiply the number of rotations, by driving a large pulley attached to a belt, that connects to one or as many as you like, of miniature output pulleys attached to AC These motors only have one centimeter circumference pulleys connected to These extremely small output pulleys rotate 100 times, producing 100 units of AC electricity, for each pulley that you If you only had 10 mini-pulleys connected, you would have 1000 units of AC electricity as an output, for every single rotation of your input motor, to be put through a full wave bridge rectifier + voltage regulator, and then back into your DC motor, which is only expending a small amount of DC electricity, to rotate your drive motor the one single You might hear the idiotic argument about torque being a problem, but if you just think about our electric motors now days, they are the easiest to rotate, and take practically zero torque to turn over, so torque is in no way a These AC motors/generators take so little effort to turn, that you could easily have tens, maybe even hundreds of them attached to your This would mean that your Free Energy Machine = Electricity Multipliers, might be in the order of hundreds or thousands of As in, you only put in enough DC power to make the 100 centimeter circumference drive pulley turn one single rotation, which is an extremely small amount of You get out of this system 100 units of AC electricity, which is easily much more than enough to get the drive motor to only do one You now have yourself an AC electric generator, which will not only power itself, which takes only a couple of your 100 AC units of output, leaving the other 90-98 units of AC output to be for external Please remember that these few units of AC electricity, are taken from only one of your AC generator, of the ten or more mini-pulleys that you can easily attach to the same belt, strap, rope or even string in a You are simply using pulleys to multiply rotations, which multiplies your AC A simple diagram and explanation of how simply this works is at this URL address; which I published many years ago, meaning that there are no royalty fees to pay, as I chose to have this as a truly FREE ENERGY This one rotation of a 100 cm circumference pulley, when run through a simple mechanism + full wave bridge rectifier, with a belt, strap, rope or even a string in a pinch, is then connected to one or more mini-pulleys of one centimeter This simple mechanism gives you 100 units of AC electricity, for as many of these mini-pulleys you choose to (Ezekiel 1:16) proves that this is truly a Gift from the God of the Holy PLEASE take this mechanism and run with it,,,,,,,,,,,  
    This could help STOP TERRORISM  
    by taking away their money that they get from all of the oil that we are buying  
    and only needing oil products for lubrication  
    All of our automobiles can be electric, with self powering generators in is laughing at us,,, + our not being able to accept His Gift = (Ezekiel 1:16)  
    God wants this to be His Gift to all of the soon coming Tribulation the Door closes for the start of the IS A GIFT FROM GOD, THE SAME GOD IN OUR HOLY BIBLE is soooo,,, simple, that it is PROOF OF GOD + THE HOLY BIBLE  
    + good + evil How else has this super simple technology been missed,  
    (hidden) for so only do we know free energy as Truth, but it is also good news twice  
    1) This will take away massive sums of money given to nations growing terrorists  
    + This is info from The Big Guy Himself, so  
    2) This was found as a description of the workings of a UFO,  
    so we should be able to discover how it gains anti gravity,  
    or be able to figure what ever helps these UFO’s travel so fast  
    + take right angle turns at thousands of miles per also believe that I have been given me two amazing gifts for all video game enthusiast  
    One is a next generation joystick, that measures all three axis’s in movements, as well as all three axis’s in rotations = 6 movements, much better than the two of average joysticks, this is described at: is a 3D virtual reality room that holds you in the center by cables, going from your waste to each corner, on a mat of ball bearings, so you can walk or run in place, + the screen move around you at one of the best parts of these gifts is the way that both of these gifts could be used in other ways, as equipment for the disabled, and tools for safe ways to do very dangerous jobs, from the safety of video rooms, set in most any place of  
    For the ultimate Joe-stick, we could build them to measure whatever few movements that the disabled person could perform, and program it to do whatever movement that they would like to do, like typing or speech, or whatever movement that you would like to program into the ultimate video game controller, we could have it simulating robots, that are in deep space, or any depth in the water, or in some extremely dangerous places, like at chemical spills, radioactive sites, or even tools for fighting sites of must start taking God’s Word as Please remember, when this free energy technology was shown to us in the Bible, it is showing us the drive motor of chariots of fire, or as we know, UFOs, so this technology could lead us to anti-gravity,,, WOW  
    Let’s start by getting rid of this EVil-sOLUTION fairy tale  
    Evolution is the religious beliefs of humanists  
    They believe in chance being our are all free for all to use, as they have been published on the web  
    + are without patent fees of any kind  
    If we were intelligent we should use these to earn plenty of income  
    to help spread the occurs,  
    and the Tribulation starts the moon is billions of years old,,,  
    Then why is there only a few thousand years,  
    of space dust on the surface of God’s Creation pray that this info gets out to the world I think this free energy will be needed by the Tribulation Saints very soon, as the door for Christ’s return will shut before only reason that this has not been used earlier to create free energy,  
    are the millions or maybe even billions of fallen angels,  
    trying desperately make sure that we never discover this contact me by any of these email
    • CommentTimeMar 13th 2015
    I Got It and just found this site to post it. . . . Use Bouyancy and Gravity. Similar to Float Belt model. This is only perpetual motion model that has energy present at start (in form or molecules in motion in the water, and I count the locations of all the buoyant objects). But change a few things. The shape of the buoyant objects need to be a hybrid of L or V shaped. Therefore, as one comes into the water, the next one is laying inside of the one before it, keeping up a barrier to keep the water on its side. Using the air bubbles that come in with the objects. The flow then needs to go diagonal, not straight up. This increases our ratio of objects in the water to out. Alleviate the pressure, of piling up water molecules in front of the rising buoyant objects, by placing tunnel like exits for extra water to go into. This is where the fact that water molecules are always in motion comes to our advantage...we won't need to make the current go that way, it will just happen, and will create its own flow (because water will move away where molecules were at its thickest. Make sure design is crafty enough to not bottle neck: aka: where the water from these smaller tunnels reenter matters. After the objects have gotten to the top of their diagonal run, them and the air bubble right out of the water, and then drop (all this is pipe-like), then reentering at the bottom to go back across, completing the X shaped route of the objects and the air current. Ingredients will matter too, almost as much as the contour of the walls which will affect the water current. *it may need a crank start since design will be made for objects and currents to be moving at their most efficient speed. *******Perpetual motion, By Joshua Vernon
    Are you trying to tell me that if you put just a spark of DC electricity,  
    Into rotating a DC motor one single time,  
    With a 100cm circumference pulley attached,  
    With a belt on it that is big enough to encompass the 100cm pulley,  
    As well as 10 1cm circumference pulleys,  
    With AC motors-generators attached,  
    That the 10X100 = 1000 units of AC power,  
    Does not have the voltage to more than rotate you DC motor once
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2016
    From: = end time joseph
    + God’s GEM Gift of Free Energy, to help battle TERRORISM
    = by taking away our need for oil = which terrorist are mostly funded by,,, oil revenues
    Why do we let these Humanist force feed our children this ridiculous fantasy about life creating itself, or being just a simple matter of We are teaching this EVil-sOLUTION theory as fact, which insults If we just took the time and effort to take a realistic look, it is sooooo easy to prove Not only is the massive amounts of DNA code in life’s organisms, more than enough to make it a statistical impossibility, (the smallest cell in the human body has enough DNA code in it, to be equal to generate a couple copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica, with all of its 30 some But our loving God has set up a proof positive way, of discovering how long that we + our earth have been floating in He does this by having the space that is all around our universe, have a set amount of space dust within it, which is being slowly deposited on all of the bodies in space, including our earth and
    The God of our Holy Bible has set His Creation Hourglass right in front of our His Creation hourglass is our moon, which holds the total amount of the sands of time,(space dust) + why does this hourglass only have a few thousand years’ worth of sand=(space dust) on This dust has been around from the very so why is there not billions of years’ worth of sediment on our this would be many tens or even hundreds of meters of sediment - instead of the small amount that we A SKIFF) Why is there is only few centimeters worth? Think about it, would there not be even more dust in space, even closer to the beginning, as it would have been filtering out, over these supposed billions of you think that it is strange that by adding 3 letters (the "ils" of our society) into evolution, to change what this ridiculous theory, into what it really is: Satan's Evil Solution)
    (''most of our adults in the western world know that we are warned "no one knows the day nor hour", but we are also told that we would know when it was near to what? Maybe to the door, because we are also assured that we would know when it was "even at the I believe that this door is a which we can know + calculate this door, by starting when Israel took Jerusalem (not 1948 because Jerusalem was part of the 70X7s of Israel's future) + adding the length for a (which is calculated from 14+14+14 generations) of Christ's linage (I considered that this was the correct duration, as this is same duration for a generation, that was used in correctly predicting the rebirth of right down to the exact day))= For these calculations, as well as the calculations proving many other Bible Prophecies,,, please read the novel “Armageddon”, by Grant (this book changed my life)
    I must warn you of soon coming peace treaty signing by Israel + Europe + other nations (the final years of His-story) 7 YEAR PEACE TREATY = YEARS OF PEACE, + YEARS OF GREAT Start of 2520 days = 1260 days of peace + building the temple + 1260 days war, Great Tribulation = (when the anti-christ defiles the newly built temple by setting up his image in it) = Because of his coming back to life,,, after a death blow to his head =(this is only my
    <<< I believe that he does not really come back to life, but Satan merely animates the dead body + uses tricks to keep his possessed body looking alive (blood transfusions + breathing + keeping the heart beating to help keeping the tissues alive + some minor operations + massive makeup + deodorants)>>>
    This God of our Holy Bible, is so awesomely good, that he has given this end-time-joseph the Gift of free energy technology, to help us fight terrorism =(no more oil money to buy arms + explosives) along with other important pieces of information, to share with our world, (like "I AM" is the name of God = many times a day, we are breaking the 3rd Commandment), just before the soon coming final 7 years of
    This INFAMOUS PEACE TREATY MUST START before = when the door closes=(last day) on our generation), which we are told that we are not only allowed to know this Door, but I hear that in the original Greek, it is worded like a command to know, in (Mat 24:33) just before He assuring us that "But of that day and hour knoweth no man" (Mat 24:36)
    Because of the closeness of the soon conning
    GOD chose to reveal this GEM of a Gift to us = for the Tribulation Saints
    I switched to geometrical solutions by putting high voltage into driving a big pulley once =(all voltage + only one spark of current) + then let the 100 units circumference of belt/strap/rope (or even string in a pinch) run through 1-10 little pulleys of one unit circumference This way I multiplied the # of rotations by 100-1000 + since AC electricity is generated by I was multiplying AC electricity = perpetually self-generating AC+DC electricity generators that I needed to run my DC drive (after converting AC to DC with a full wave bridge rectifier = 4 diodes)
    I found this unbelievably super simplistic free energy technology in the old Jewish Scripture of our KJV Holy Bible, it was in (Ezekiel 1:16), where Ezekiel was trying to describe how a "chariot of fire" = UFO engine looks, while it was in [[ so this tech may/will even lead to ANTI-GRAVITY = (HOLDS DESCRIPTION + PICTURES)
    | FREE ENERGY IS SUPER SIMPLE - (yet is most surely hidden by evil spirits)|
    | FREE ENERGY = GEM = (Geometric Electricity Multiplication) |
    | or (God's Energy Machine) |
    | FREE ENERGY=super simplicity of AC electricity multipliers using pulleys|
    | + there is only 2 SUPER SIMPLE RULES |
    | #1= AC electricity is made by rotations of coils through magnetic fields |
    | #2= different sizes and #'S of pulleys can greatly multiply # of rotations |
    | ( THESE ARE PROVEN LAWS OF NATURE) = that multiply AC electricity |
    INPUT = it only takes one spark of DC to rotate a DC drive motor once
    this motor is attached to a 100 centimeter circumference pulley
    producing 100 cm of belt / strap / rope or even string (in a pinch)
    run through 10 X one centimeter pulleys + attach AC motors/generators=
    which are free running (made with smoothest running bearings)
    [[ there is no load on these motors = zero resistance ]]
    OUTPUT = 1-10X100=100-1000 AC units/cycles electricity
    + when run through a full wave bridge rectifier = one large DC SPARK
    these AC motors/generators run without any current running through
    them at all so they only wind up some serious which is exactly
    what you need to drive your DC motor for one full rotation=FREE ENERGY
    (you have a self powered mechanism = perpetual AC+DC power supply)
    (more mini-pulleys+AC generators attached = more power you get in return)
    + guess what you needed to drive your input DC motor = 1 single spark DC
    = you have just CREATED your FIRST FREE ENERGY MACHINE=
    GEM=( Geometric Electricity Multiplier )
    (more mini-pulleys + AC generators attached=more power you get in return)
    |== FREE ENERGY ==(GEN= Geometric Electricity Multiplication)=|
    | - AC electricity is generated by rotations, |
    | - now if you convert to mechanical mechanisms like pulleys |
    | - multiple sized pulleys in combination can be used to multiply # rotations |
    | - thus,,, we can use pulley size combinations to multiply AC electricity |
    | =(created by rotations) |
    | - |
    | - ( please don't listen to all of the evil spirits whispering in your ear ) |
    | - (" what about torque" ) |
    | - ( these mini pulleys have no load on them, so there is no torque problem,)|
    | - (the only load is the needed one spark of DC, which is to drive your DC) |
    | - (drive motor for only one single rotation, one single spark, and that is) |
    | - (divided by the 1000 units of AC output = practically zero ) |
    | -' |
    | --- why use oil or nuclear power to generate electricity |
    | -when some of this oil money always finds its way into terrorists hands |
    | -when we could be using pulleys to multiply electricity for free |
    | -when this oil produces most of our pollution in our air + waters |
    | - |
    | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |
    | You only have to put one spark of DC electricity into a DC drive motor, |
    | to rotate this motor one single time, which you attach a 100cm |
    | circumference This pulley gives you 100cm of belt to work with, |
    | (one rotation of 100cm circumference) |
    | |
    | Then you run this 100cm of belt goes through 10 mini pulleys, (one cm |
    | If you attach AC generators to each of these 10 mini |
    | pulleys, you would get,,, 10X100=1000 units of AC electricity units out, for |
    | 1 spark of DC electricity input =(free These AC generators run |
    | freely so they run with no drag = no back pressure = no current used |
    | |
    | Your mini-pulleys are the easiest to rotate, because you only need them to be|
    | multiplying massive voltage, with practically zero current = only one single |
    | spark, because that is all that you need to rotate the DC drive motor the one|
    | single This one rotation of the large pulley is converted into the |
    | massive amounts of rotations of your mini You do this by using |
    | many mini-pulleys that run free of any resistance, because they are just run|
    | -ning free, without any current running through them, as they are just wind|
    | ing up massive amounts of potential voltage, to make sure that you have |
    | the pressure=voltage to rotate your large pulley once, only one spark|
    | |
    | Then, if you put your output AC electricity through some full wave bridge|
    | rectifiers, you would get far more DC electricity than your one spark of DC |
    | that you need as + this still does not effect your torque, as you only |
    | need one spark of DC output for your input, which is divide by 1000 units |
    | of output, =(reduces your torque to practically zero) |
    ((( NEWS of this ancient technology that is found in Holy Bible=(Ezekiel 1:16)
    - that will change our world for the better)))
    <<< Please realize the powerful spiritual warfare that is going on over this subject>>>>
    SOME if the 10 be loaded?,,
    If the 10 generators have any load on them, then they would just spin faster, to make up for the needed greater voltage, to drive the greater
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2016
    GEM = Geometrical Electricity Multiplication
    You only have to put one spark of DC electricity into a DC drive motor to rotate this drive motor one single If you attach a 100cm circumference pulley to this DC motor, this pulley gives you 100cm of moving belt to work with (one rotation of 100cm circumference)
    Then you run this 100cm of belt through 10 mini pulleys, (of one cm If you attach AC motors/generators to each of these 10 mini pulleys, you would get,,, 10X100=1000 units of AC electricity units out, for the mere one spark of DC electricity input = (free energy) = you now have a set of self-powered AC + DC generators that produce free electricity AC generators run freely so they run with no drag = no back pressure = no current is being used or After you run your AC output through a full wave bridge rectifier = (4 diodes) to convert your AC voltage into one spark of DC output (as you only need one spark of output to drive your DC drive motor as input) = you now have a self-powered
    I first conceived this technology in an idea during the early 2000’s, of a 10 speed bicycle going uphill in tenth gear, (few rotations) and then back downhill in first gear (massive This only works because with AC electricity, where the more rotations that you get = the greater amount of AC electricity you I then published this on the web at: to make sure nobody else could patent it, as how could it Truly be free energy, if you had to pay patent fees for using it,,,
    I can only hope that this technology will not only help save our whole environment, as well as hindering terrorism by limiting their income from oil, for buying guns + But this could eventually lead to anti-gravity and 1000km/hour right angle turns like UFO’s are said to be able to Believe it or not, this technology can be found in the Holy Bible, describing how a UFO motor looks in (Ezekiel
    MAYBE THIS IS GOD’S SOLUTION TO TERRORISM + POLUTION (as we could build electronic filters that have no cost to
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2016
    It won't work because the energy to turn the big wheel once will greatly increase once you hook up the little dynamo. In fact, it will increase by exactly the amount the generator generates (plus some extra, because of friction). Your bike example is flawed too: the amount of rotations is only half the story, the force behind them is the other half.
    FREE ENERGY is so super simple, that there simply MUST be something or someone,(evil forces) hiding it from the public Yes, there are in reality, two parts to this subject: (1) - how super simple this technology really is + (2) - how evil forces have an immensely powerful hold on this First I will prove to you just how super simple this technology is, + second how powerful of a hold that Satan + his followers must have on our modern society, to be able to keep this technology only take one spark of DC electricity, to rotate a DC motor once, with a 100cm circumference pulley attached, giving you 100cm of moving belt, strap, Then if you run this moving belt through 1 to 10 mini-pulleys of one centimeter circumference, you would get an output of 100 to 1000 cycles of AC There is no torque resistance from these mini-pulleys, as there is no current involved, or practically none, considering that to make this mechanism a self powered mechanism, you only need one spark of DC output to be sent back into the DC drive These AC generators are just winding up massive voltages, which is all that you need to turn over your drive motor one single FREE ENERGY mechanism is in need of one more very important component, full wave bridge rectifiers, to convert your AC output generators into DC electricity, which is needed by your drive I state them as plural, just in case you have plural mini-pulleys, which would increase your total ability to tap power off of, both your AC or DC Once started running, (easily achieved by giving your large pulley with the DC drive motor a quarter turn by hand) this AC + DC power supply should be a perpetually running the bearings dry out or some other mechanical break down)  
    Now you should be able to tap AC or DC electricity off either motor, or maybe even If you find that you cannot get much current out of either of the motors that you are tapping off of, then all you need to do is add more of your mini-pulleys with the AC generators Diagrams can be viewed at  
    free energy  
    This works by using, one spark of DC electricity is all that is needed to start this mechanism running = DC motor with large 100cm circumference pulley turning only one single The 100cm of belt is then run past mini-pulleys of one centimeter circumference, gaining 100 units of AC The pulley combinations multiply you total # of rotations, which when AC generators are added, becomes AC
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2016
    I agree that free energy is def. suppressed to the public! In my opion corruption keeps it down and suppressed no doubt.  
    free energy proof video:
    You can seemingly defeat the laws of thermodynamics,  
    By using the physical capabilities of rotating  
    one large circumference pulley  
    To gain massive lengths of belt from a large circumference pulley  
    + then running that massive length through many mini-pulleys  
    Thereby you are multiplying your rotations  
    = multiplying AC electricity  
    free energy  
    One spark of DC electricity is all that is needed to start this mechanism running = DC motor with large pulley turning once + you can get 1000's AC cycles by using many mini-pulleys  
    with attached D - what if the 10 pcs AC output voltage are loaded with bulbs?  
    J D - i guess the torque is a problem if it is Lynch so,,,, you are saying that it will run perpetually,  
    until you put an outside load on it?  
    J L - this is True Free Energy from GOD=(Ezek 1:16)  
    J R - Joe Lynch, The laws of thermodynamics are not God's I really like what you I have recently received a lot of "revelation" on this energy thing and I am finding out that there is free energy "EVERYWHERE" and in It More  
    J L - you burn one spark of DC current to drive a 1000cm circumference pulley over once, giving you 1000cms of belt, that you run by 10 mini-pulleys having 1cm circumference This scenario winds up returning you 10,000 cycles of AC electricity,,,, all for one spark of DC electricity  
    J L - this is super simple free energy,,,  
    + we've had it known since Ezekiel's lifetime  
    “wheel in the middle of a wheel”=(Ezek 1:16)=UFO motor  
    Circumference change is best way to multiply rotations, when you start with a 1000cm circumference pulley, that is driven by ONE SPARK of DC It is simple to run a belt from this large pulley + to 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, letting you receive a return of 10,000 cycles or units of AC This is so superiorly simple, that you would think, most any child could have figured this bit of simple mechanics Yet, no one has figured this out in how long,,, WHY? Spiritual warfare is the only reasoning, and it would have to be pretty powerful, to keep this little bit of simple pulley technology hidden from us for so
    + Please don’t forget,,,  
    That this is only my rough conceptual figuring,  
    Of Ezekiel's description of a UFO motor (Ezek 1:16)  
    Which not only gives us free energy =  
    GEM = Geographical Electricity Multiplication  
    So, this technology could lead us to anti-gravity  
    + 1000 mph vectoring of said vehicles  
    If we dig deep enough into this technology  
    PLEASE,,, please, start taking this SERIOUSLY  
    So that we can have many minds on trying to figure this out  
    My dream is for us to start building our own UFOs
    You can seemingly break the laws of thermodynamics, simply because it does not take 100 times more power to rotate a 100cm circumference pulley than it does to turn a 1cm circumference pulley. They both take the same current = one spark of DC, they only take a slightly greater voltage. You are gaining 100 rotations of an AC generator. The physical resistance only happens when you are taking power out of it = voltage times current times duration of time
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2016 edited
    GEMs could be used to electrically convert h2o into hydrogen fuel + O2 to have the power of fire  
    And then have a GEM to convert carbon monoxide or dioxide back into O2 + carbon  
    That way we could have the instant power of the combustion engine,  
    Every household could have one or many of these GEM power supplies in One for every  
    We could even put them in our electric cars + no more plugging your car in to gain a charge from your home power, but we could plug our car in to power your house of how to build a GEM = Geometrical Electricity <<< free energy machine >>>  
    You start with a large (100cm circumference) pulley + you attach a DC motor to the center shaft of it  
    Then you need at least one small (1cm circumference) mini-pulley,  
    (the more the better) = More generators = higher current capability  
    Then you would need to build a framing system to hold the motor + generators in alignment for the belt  
    This could be made out of whatever you had in supply, (1)-wood + nails + screws, (2)-metal strapping or lengths of iron rods, (3)-plastic rods + glue  
    I say that you need a belt, but in reality you could use a strap, elastic, rope or even tied length of string, to connect your large pulley + your mini-pulleys possible names for the letters of GEM  
    - God’s Energy Mechanism  
    - Good Electricity Maker  
    It only takes one spark of DC electricity to rotate a DC motor If you attach a 1000cm circumference pulley, this will give you 1000cms of moving If you run this length of belt through 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, + attach AC generators to them, you would get 10,000 units of AC electricity  
    (please try to find a way around this AC electricity multiplier)  
    Torque is not a problem,,, as these generators are only winding up massive voltage, which is exactly what we need to rotate your drive motor, and practically no current = (only one spark)  
    This is GOD ‘s Gift to mankind + as well as the natural world around us  
    This was Given to us way back in Ezekiel’s time, yet evil spirits have kept this Gift hidden all these years  
    - Just look at how ridiculously simple this technology truly is, and ask yourself just how gullible we were, to not see through the evil spiritual warfare that was hiding it from can seemingly break the laws of thermodynamics, simply because it does not take 100 times more power to rotate a 100cm circumference pulley than it does to turn a 1cm circumference They both take the same current = one spark of DC, they only take a slightly greater You are gaining 100 rotations of an AC The physical resistance only happens when you are taking power out of it = voltage times current times duration of time
    This works on the simplest of logic, you use the 100cm of belt that you get from rotating a DC motor once, with a 100cm circumference pulley attached. This only costs you one spark of DC current, and then you run this 100cm of moving belt past 1 to 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, giving you 100 rotations times the # of mini-pulleys that you attach. If you add AC generators to these mini-pulleys, you would get between 100 + 1000 units of AC electricity,,, all for the cost of one spark of DC current. You have just used the mechanics of pulleys, (not breaking any laws of thermodynamics) to multiply massive amounts of AC electricity.
    At zero operating cost, we could be sharing our electricity with our neighbours,,, or making some extra money on the side, by selling any extra electricity back to the electric utility grid, wouldn’t that be awesome,,, It could be very profitable to make as many of these miraculous mechanisms as we can, and selling it back to the power of sharing,,, let me share something about this Israeli peace process,,,  
    That we are hearing about on + off, and will continue to hear more about, as the time gets We are warned in the Bible “of that day and hour knoweth no man”-(Mat 24:36),,,  
    But we are also blessed with being told, that we can know “that it is near, even at the (doors here are plural, to accommodate both of His Arrivals,,, once in the clouds, to rapture all His Born Again followers,[before the treaty is signed] and then again when He sets his Feet on the Mount of Olives,[at the end of the treaty])  
    We can calculate the dates that these doors will shut, by knowing it will still being able to happen within our generation, which started in when Israel took control back of This must have happened because the Jews had to be in control of Jerusalem, to continue the final 7 years of the prophecy about their 70 X 7, because the 70 7’s was a prophecy about Jerusalem, as well as the nation of Israel took control back of Jerusalem in + from 14, 14+14 generations of Christ’s linage) = is when the first Door SO,,, ISRAEL’S 2520 DAY PEACE TREATY MUST BE SIGNED BY OR BEFORE + X = OR January 14, 2019 is the date of when the door closes, on the prophecy about the I know that there could be many durations for this last generation, but I feel that this years duration is best, as not only was it calculated from the linage of Jesus, from the birth of Abraham  
    I’ve always called this whole 7 years the tribulation, but I have just recently learned that only the last half is the Great My other one, a better written site about the 20-20 Vision that He Shared with me, seems to have a bug in it, and is transferred out of  
    I thought that we Christians wanted Christ to come  
    2 things are needed before He arrives both  
    - First His Bride MUST prepare itself to be spotless,,, before He arrives in the clouds, to rapture MUST return + fix things in Christendom  
    - Then Israel MUST accept + ask Jesus back, before their King Returns to could build these GEMs to supplement income + to not only stop paying electric bills, but they could be adding power to the grid, and making money off these simple + easy to build GEM devices
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2016 edited
    I know torque is not fictional, just so small it's irrelevant = you sound like a skipping record  
    if you keep saying it LOUDER + LOUDER, then that does not make it more relevant  
    + just how much torque does a toy electric motor cause for resistance  
    I liked learning physics, + made high 80's in all the math + science classes in high school  
    my only 90 was in chemistry... where I made 100 so many times in a row,  
    that the teacher made me take the next test alone, in front of him, I made another 100  
    this GEM system does not even use speed,,,  
    it can be so easily explained by one single rotation  
    I learned how motors worked in grade 6 or 7, when I added a fan to my Halloween costume helmet  
    satan + his evil followers have got you so messed up in the head,,,,  
    please stop listening to these evil forces + embrace this GEM technology = Gift from God  
    I don't claim to know the date of His Arrival,  
    I was only pointing out how close the door was to closing,  
    for this Prophecy to fulfill the part about it being within the same generation  
    + we are allowed to know when the doors occur  
    "know that it is near, even at the doors" (Mat 24:33)  
    DOORS are plural, to represent His Both Comings  
    Rapture = blessed hope + "meet Him in the shy" = which no one knows  
    Glorious Appearing with His Born Again Followers, which the Tribulation Saints will not only know  
    but they will be no doubt be counting down the days until  
    =(within the next 5 years) – as of July, 2017 = as the door closes for the Great Tribulation on 2022.49  
    Meaning that this Prophecy can no longer be fulfilled, after date occurs, or door closes  
    This GEM=(Geometrical Electricity Multiplication) free energy mechanism uses pulleys to work miracles  
    By using one rotation of a large pulley, this can be freely multiplied mechanically, into massive rotations,  
    By the use of multiple mini-pulleys + since AC electricity is generated by using rotations,  
    If you can multiply the rotations, then you can also multiply the amount of AC electricity  
    Free energy in its simplest form, uses GEM = AC electricity multiplication, using variable size pulleys.  
    This is soooooo simple, that I hope it will make you feel great anger towards all of the evil spirits,  
    + learn about these evil spiritual forces,(fallen angels + demons) as being part of reality,  
    Yes angels + demons are real, and fortunately this means that the God of the Bible is Real as well.  
    These spirits have clouded your head + misled your mind, throwing lies at you, making you dumb  
    So that you would not be able to understand ……………… T.O.R.Q.U.E is a big factor = was a BIG LIE.  
    It uses preschool taught pulley mechanics; to mega multiply your total # of rotations + Trade every single rotation into massive amounts of rotations. (remember AC electricity is made from rotations)  
    Do you want to know how you can seemingly break the laws of thermodynamics?  
    By produce more electrical power output, than you have to put into this electricity multiplication system.  
    You are using the free mechanical laws of pulleys, to multiply your total # of rotations,  
    + isn’t that Truly Amazing, that simple rotations of a coil inside a magnetic field,  
    Is how you can easily generate AC electricity = how easy is it to rotate a toy motor = no back torque  
    Now please don’t talk about this fairytale torque problem.  
    Think about this, how easy it to rotate these new small toy motors, disconnected from any wires,  
    Yes, this is because they are practically running torque free, + unplugged  
    Because if you are talking about backpressure of a small electric motor,  
    You would need massive current, to produce even a little backpressure,  
    And here we are talking of only a mere spark of current used = practically no current  
    Think about the minute power that it takes to rotate a toy motor, one single time  
    If you attach a large 100 cm circumference pulley to it, then you would get 100 cm of moving belt.  
    This mere spark-(short burst) of DC current is all that it costs for input power.  
    Now if you ran the 100 cm of moving belt past 10 free running 1 cm circumference min-pulleys,  
    That are connected to AC generators , you would get 1000 cycles of AC electricity. (10X100)  
    + now try to tell me that we cannot get 1 small burst of DC current, out of 1000 sparks of AC electricity  
    This should run so smoothly, that you only need to give the large pulley a nudge, 1/12th of a turn  
    To start this GEM free energy AC electricity multiplier/generator  
    This Miraculous Gift was given to us at this particular time, for the soon coming Tribulation Saints,  
    To help them survive the soon coming Great Tribulation, door = deadline = 2022.49 = 2019.04 + 3.45  
    Now please remember people, I do not claim to know the date it is going to happen by, but  
    My date settings are the dates that the doors close on it being able to happen by, + + within the same generation = 51.6 solar years.  
    These are dates that we are assured that we can know (Mat 24:33) “know that it is near, even at the doors”  
    + doors are plural to be for both His Arrivals, the Rapture in the clouds. (before the Tribulation starts),  
    which no man knows + when His Foot touches the Mount of Olives, (at the end of the Tribulation),  
    a day that the Tribulation Saints will be counting down the days till it comes  
    As in, within this last generation, (before Christ Arrives)  
    + I used the 14, 14 + 14 generations of Christ’s linage, to calculate the time span for this last generation  
    Not only because it is more Christian + not just Jewish, it being Christ  
    But because this same duration was used in predicting the exact date that Israel became a nation.  
    This was using a little know rule with God, about Him giving a second chance to the nation of Israel,  
    But not after another same duration again, but after 10 times the original duration.  
    + if you multiply the # of days from when this was first prophesized,  
    to His First Arrival in Jerusalem, by 10 times,  
    Miraculously it turns out to be the exact day that Israel became a nation again  
    Please read “ARMIGEDDON” by the dead Canadian author Grant Jeffrey,  
    This novel helped me see that the KJV Bible was God’s Truth. KJV is oldest + least edited version,  
    + then soon afterwards to admit that I was a sinner, who the Father could not even look upon,  
    Realize that I could never become Holy enough, or physically pay for all of my sins =  
    (it would totally atomize me), I believe God when He says that I could not stand to pay for my sins.  
    But our Father=(God the Brains) was so merciful, to find a way for Jesus=(God the Body)  
    To not only pay for my sins, but give us the Holly Spirit=(God the Spirit) to live with us for all eternity +  
    These AC generators take no torque to rotate, as they are just winding up massive voltage,  
    These AC generators only needing one single spark of current, (practically zero)  
    These AC generators are running practically torque free, as they only need to generate one mere spark of current,  
    =(practically zero) and torque comes from generating power.  
    So even massive voltage multiplied by practically zero current, still equals practically zero  
    Massive voltage gives this mechanism great electrical pressure,  
    To crank over your large pulley only the once  
    + because you only need one revolution, you don’t need much current –(practically zero)  
    Which also means that it takes practically zero torque to rotate  
    Torque comes from generating power and power equals your current times voltage – (P=IV)  
    P=IV or current multiplied by voltage, and since your current is practically zero,  
    I would say that practically zero power was being generated, which takes practically zero torque  
    Now please don’t tell me that this large pulley could not gain the voltage/pressure to rotate once,  
    Especially if that is what these free running AC generator are good at doing,  
    Massive rotations is great at generating massive voltage, + easily rotated  
    Now try and tell me that your large pulley cannot rotate 10 free running mini-AC generators  
    OK, then you only have to rotate one single mini-pulley, as even 100 cycles of AC electricity,  
    Should be enough AC electricity to gain this single small amount of DC current =(I spark)  
    I just used 10 of them to show how massive of voltage this could be used to generate,  
    Maybe even enough voltage pressure to levitate a object,  
    Remember, this idea came from my reading the description of a working UFO motor in (Ezek 1:16)  
    I don't claim to know the date of His Arrival,  
    I was only pointing out how close the door was to closing,  
    for this Prophecy to fulfill the part about it being within the same generation
    Sorry, but I cannot believe that everybody is so fooled by the pathetic lies of evil If you only have to put one spark of current into a DC motor, to rotate a 100cm circumference once, and this gives you 100cm of moving Then you run this 100cm of moving belt by a 1cm circumference pulley, with an AC generator attached, wouldn’t that give you 100 cycles/units of AC That’s one spark of DC input returns you 100 units of AC Now,,, try and tell me that you cannot manage to gain one spark of DC current, out of 100 units of AC Diagrams + more info is at
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2016 edited
    if you attach a 100cm circumference pulley to a DC motor  
    it only takes one spark of DC current to rotate a DC motor one full  
    this would give you 100cm of moving belt to work with  
    now if you run this length of moving belt past 1to10 mini  
    of one centimeter circumference with AC generators attached to each pulley  
    then you would get 100-1000 units or cycles of AC  
    these are free running AC generators=(as no load is on them)  
    all of these generators are running with zero load = no electricity being used  
    just the fluid friction of the bearings is your only wear or load-type  
    but you could use magnetic bearings + have zero friction  
    so all of these AC generators are just winding up massive voltage  
    which can be accessed as potential = ability to do work = available current in load  
    you have just made your first self powered set of running AC + DC generators  
    that you could tap power off of + the more mini-pulleys with AC generators attached  
    the greater amount of current you should be able to do work with don't you think that you could be able to get one spark of DC current)  
    ( out of the 1000 units of AC electricity that you have for an output)  
    (this would make this unit a self powering mechanism = perpetual motion)  
    (+ this could be producing an unknown amount of AC + DC = PUBLISHED 2001 OR 2002  
    ((( evil spirits were hiding this tech = lies about torque being a problem )))  
    Now comes the bad+scary part of this awesome free energy technology discovery  
    You can easily see just how super simple this AC multiplication technology is  
    so why could not any one of the millions of above average intelligence have discovered this  
    long as soon as AC electricity was Well this is hard positive proof  
    of there being powerful spiritual warfare going on all around + they were winning  
    I would say that these powerful evil forces were winning - if they could hide this from us  
    I happen to be Born Again-(28-11-88) + want this super simple free energy technology known  
    long before the first Door closes for Christ's return in the clouds by or before +  
    This technology is in the Holy Bible = in Ezekiel 1:16  
    where he is describing what a UFO motor looks like while it's running  
    so this technology will eventually lead us to anti-gravity  
    as well as not only speeds approaching the speed of light  
    but also the ability to do 1000 kph vectoring  
    We are warned that no one knows the day nor (Mat 24:36) but it says that we will know  
    when it is near to what? maybe the as we can know when it's"even at the doors"  
    (Mat 24:33) + I heard that in the original Greek it was worded like a command "know that it is near"  
    With this technology the Tribulation Saints can keep warm in our cold Canadian winters  
    even off the power (remember the heat + light of fires would easily give away  
    your position as well as via satellites)  
    notice that Doors are plural - because He show up twice =  
    1) - Rapture = "caught up together with the in the clouds"-(I Thes 4:17)  
    2) - "Glorious Appearing" at end of Tribulation -(Titus 2:13)  
    ( + there are less than 18 MONTHS left before the door shuts + Christ MUST come back ) ( + He has shown me a few Biblically significant things= 'I am" + 2020 Vision ) ( to find out more GOOGLE beliefstoliveby + yolasite = 30 + websites)
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