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      CommentAuthorRuss Lee
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2015
    I would like to bring these two mechanisms to your attention.  
    The Pinwheeel Generator is on the net and can be seen in multiple places by punching up the name.  
    The Power Multiplier Device is on, in the Community section, under Gravity Driven devices.  
    The illustration of the PMD is under "Power Multiplier Device, last resize (I hope)".  
    Both operate by gravity and have been given to the world for free. The PMD is the better of the two devices.  
    The laws of thermodynamics only apply to two-dimensional models where the energy generated is needed to be looped back into the system to bring it to the starting point again. With gravity driving both the generation and recycling stages, all energy generated can be used for outside purposes.  
    Thank you, Russell Lee