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    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2016 edited
    I know torque is not fictional, just so small it's irrelevant = you sound like a skipping record  
    if you keep saying it LOUDER + LOUDER, then that does not make it more relevant  
    + just how much torque does a toy electric motor cause for resistance  
    I liked learning physics, + made high 80's in all the math + science classes in high school  
    my only 90 was in chemistry... where I made 100 so many times in a row,  
    that the teacher made me take the next test alone, in front of him, I made another 100  
    this GEM system does not even use speed,,,  
    it can be so easily explained by one single rotation  
    I learned how motors worked in grade 6 or 7, when I added a fan to my Halloween costume helmet  
    satan + his evil followers have got you so messed up in the head,,,,  
    please stop listening to these evil forces + embrace this GEM technology = Gift from God  
    I don't claim to know the date of His Arrival,  
    I was only pointing out how close the door was to closing,  
    for this Prophecy to fulfill the part about it being within the same generation  
    + we are allowed to know when the doors occur  
    "know that it is near, even at the doors" (Mat 24:33)  
    DOORS are plural, to represent His Both Comings  
    Rapture = blessed hope + "meet Him in the shy" = which no one knows  
    Glorious Appearing with His Born Again Followers, which the Tribulation Saints will not only know  
    but they will be no doubt be counting down the days until  
    =(within the next 5 years) – as of July, 2017 = as the door closes for the Great Tribulation on 2022.49  
    Meaning that this Prophecy can no longer be fulfilled, after date occurs, or door closes  
    This GEM=(Geometrical Electricity Multiplication) free energy mechanism uses pulleys to work miracles  
    By using one rotation of a large pulley, this can be freely multiplied mechanically, into massive rotations,  
    By the use of multiple mini-pulleys + since AC electricity is generated by using rotations,  
    If you can multiply the rotations, then you can also multiply the amount of AC electricity  
    Free energy in its simplest form, uses GEM = AC electricity multiplication, using variable size pulleys.  
    This is soooooo simple, that I hope it will make you feel great anger towards all of the evil spirits,  
    + learn about these evil spiritual forces,(fallen angels + demons) as being part of reality,  
    Yes angels + demons are real, and fortunately this means that the God of the Bible is Real as well.  
    These spirits have clouded your head + misled your mind, throwing lies at you, making you dumb  
    So that you would not be able to understand ……………… T.O.R.Q.U.E is a big factor = was a BIG LIE.  
    It uses preschool taught pulley mechanics; to mega multiply your total # of rotations + Trade every single rotation into massive amounts of rotations. (remember AC electricity is made from rotations)  
    Do you want to know how you can seemingly break the laws of thermodynamics?  
    By produce more electrical power output, than you have to put into this electricity multiplication system.  
    You are using the free mechanical laws of pulleys, to multiply your total # of rotations,  
    + isn’t that Truly Amazing, that simple rotations of a coil inside a magnetic field,  
    Is how you can easily generate AC electricity = how easy is it to rotate a toy motor = no back torque  
    Now please don’t talk about this fairytale torque problem.  
    Think about this, how easy it to rotate these new small toy motors, disconnected from any wires,  
    Yes, this is because they are practically running torque free, + unplugged  
    Because if you are talking about backpressure of a small electric motor,  
    You would need massive current, to produce even a little backpressure,  
    And here we are talking of only a mere spark of current used = practically no current  
    Think about the minute power that it takes to rotate a toy motor, one single time  
    If you attach a large 100 cm circumference pulley to it, then you would get 100 cm of moving belt.  
    This mere spark-(short burst) of DC current is all that it costs for input power.  
    Now if you ran the 100 cm of moving belt past 10 free running 1 cm circumference min-pulleys,  
    That are connected to AC generators , you would get 1000 cycles of AC electricity. (10X100)  
    + now try to tell me that we cannot get 1 small burst of DC current, out of 1000 sparks of AC electricity  
    This should run so smoothly, that you only need to give the large pulley a nudge, 1/12th of a turn  
    To start this GEM free energy AC electricity multiplier/generator  
    This Miraculous Gift was given to us at this particular time, for the soon coming Tribulation Saints,  
    To help them survive the soon coming Great Tribulation, door = deadline = 2022.49 = 2019.04 + 3.45  
    Now please remember people, I do not claim to know the date it is going to happen by, but  
    My date settings are the dates that the doors close on it being able to happen by, + + within the same generation = 51.6 solar years.  
    These are dates that we are assured that we can know (Mat 24:33) “know that it is near, even at the doors”  
    + doors are plural to be for both His Arrivals, the Rapture in the clouds. (before the Tribulation starts),  
    which no man knows + when His Foot touches the Mount of Olives, (at the end of the Tribulation),  
    a day that the Tribulation Saints will be counting down the days till it comes  
    As in, within this last generation, (before Christ Arrives)  
    + I used the 14, 14 + 14 generations of Christ’s linage, to calculate the time span for this last generation  
    Not only because it is more Christian + not just Jewish, it being Christ  
    But because this same duration was used in predicting the exact date that Israel became a nation.  
    This was using a little know rule with God, about Him giving a second chance to the nation of Israel,  
    But not after another same duration again, but after 10 times the original duration.  
    + if you multiply the # of days from when this was first prophesized,  
    to His First Arrival in Jerusalem, by 10 times,  
    Miraculously it turns out to be the exact day that Israel became a nation again  
    Please read “ARMIGEDDON” by the dead Canadian author Grant Jeffrey,  
    This novel helped me see that the KJV Bible was God’s Truth. KJV is oldest + least edited version,  
    + then soon afterwards to admit that I was a sinner, who the Father could not even look upon,  
    Realize that I could never become Holy enough, or physically pay for all of my sins =  
    (it would totally atomize me), I believe God when He says that I could not stand to pay for my sins.  
    But our Father=(God the Brains) was so merciful, to find a way for Jesus=(God the Body)  
    To not only pay for my sins, but give us the Holly Spirit=(God the Spirit) to live with us for all eternity +  
    These AC generators take no torque to rotate, as they are just winding up massive voltage,  
    These AC generators only needing one single spark of current, (practically zero)  
    These AC generators are running practically torque free, as they only need to generate one mere spark of current,  
    =(practically zero) and torque comes from generating power.  
    So even massive voltage multiplied by practically zero current, still equals practically zero  
    Massive voltage gives this mechanism great electrical pressure,  
    To crank over your large pulley only the once  
    + because you only need one revolution, you don’t need much current –(practically zero)  
    Which also means that it takes practically zero torque to rotate  
    Torque comes from generating power and power equals your current times voltage – (P=IV)  
    P=IV or current multiplied by voltage, and since your current is practically zero,  
    I would say that practically zero power was being generated, which takes practically zero torque  
    Now please don’t tell me that this large pulley could not gain the voltage/pressure to rotate once,  
    Especially if that is what these free running AC generator are good at doing,  
    Massive rotations is great at generating massive voltage, + easily rotated  
    Now try and tell me that your large pulley cannot rotate 10 free running mini-AC generators  
    OK, then you only have to rotate one single mini-pulley, as even 100 cycles of AC electricity,  
    Should be enough AC electricity to gain this single small amount of DC current =(I spark)  
    I just used 10 of them to show how massive of voltage this could be used to generate,  
    Maybe even enough voltage pressure to levitate a object,  
    Remember, this idea came from my reading the description of a working UFO motor in (Ezek 1:16)  
    I don't claim to know the date of His Arrival,  
    I was only pointing out how close the door was to closing,  
    for this Prophecy to fulfill the part about it being within the same generation
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2016 edited
    Sorry, but I cannot believe that everybody is so fooled by the pathetic lies of evil This uses the simple mechanics of only rotating one large 100cm circumference pulley once, which by simply switching to a 1cm circumference pulley, can multiply your rotations by This 100 rotations can easily be turned into 100 units/cycles of AC electricity, by simply connecting an AC generator to your small 1cm circumference If you only have to put one spark of current into a DC motor, to rotate a 100cm circumference once, and this gives you 100cm of moving Then you run this 100cm of moving belt by a 1cm circumference pulley, with an AC generator attached, wouldn’t that give you 100 cycles/units of AC That’s one spark of DC input returns you 100 units of AC Now,,, try and tell me that you cannot manage to gain one spark of DC current, out of 100 units of AC Diagrams + more info on how this works is at
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2016 edited
    TIME IS SHORT = the Pre-Trib Rapture + the infamous 7 year Peace Treaty with Israel MUST START before this 1ST Door closes on 2019.04 – Jan 14th - “know that it is near, even at the doors”,(Mat 24:33)  
    Free Energy is all done with pulleys, costing only the power to rotate a large pulley once,  
    you can gain or multiply massive amounts of AC electricity, by running this long length of belt off your large pulley circumference,  
    past a few mini-pulleys with AC generators, all costing only one spark of DC current  
    This super simple free energy technology: works on the ability of combinations of pulleys being able to easily + freely multiply your total # of rotations. You can do this because of the fact that you don’t have to expend 100 times more electricity to rotate a large 100 cm circumference pulley, than it takes to rotate a 1 cm circumference mini-pulley. Yet if you run the 100 cm of moving belt, that comes off the one rotation of a large 100 cm pulley, past any # of mini-pulleys of 1 cm, then you could get in return 100 rotations for every mini-pulley that you choose to attach to the same belt. This multiplication of rotations could be extremely helpful, if you only added AC generators to these mini-pulleys, you could be multiplying the total cycles of AC electricity.  
    What is AC electricity, + how is it made = it is made out of the easy rotations of coils of wire through a magnetic field of two oppositely positioned magnets right. Using pulley technology, we can easily + freely convert one rotation of a large 100 cm circumference pulley, into 100 rotations of as many 1 cm circumference mini-pulleys that we choose to attach to the same belt that comes off of your large pulley. So, if you added 10 mini-pulleys to this same belt, and added AC generators to each mini-pulley, you could gain you 1000 = 100X10 cycles of AC electricity.  
    All these cycles of AC electricity are from the single burst of DC electricity, which is the small amount of current that a DC motor takes to rotate one single time =(one mere spark). These cycles of AC electricity would cost practically zero torque to rotate, as torque is only caused when you are generating power, and you are not generating practically any power in this system. This is because although you may be winding up massive voltage,(electrical pressure) you only need to generate one single spark of DC current, and P=IV, or power equals current multiplied by voltage.  
    So your total power output would be practically zero current multiplied by any amount of voltage, which would still be equal to practically zero power, taking practically zero torque. So, you could be easily + freely generating massive amounts of rotations of these mini-pulleys, which are generating massive voltage, or the ability/potential to gain plenty of current, which will allow you to produce plenty of power. This is because the greater the voltage/pressure, the greater the ease that there is to generate more current. PLEASE,,, let me show you how ridiculous this mythical torque problem really is. Do you think that the 100 cycles of AC electricity would have a hard time producing the single spark of DC current, which is all that you need to crank over your DC motor once, with your 100 cm circumference pulley attached.  
    Mankind was given the best Gift from God, (other than Jesus) right here in Atlantic Canada + just before the infamous 7 years Peace Treaty. This seven years of time, which the 2nd half of is the Great Tribulation, when this GEM tech will be most needed. This is the worst time for earth, where not only is there constant war, but most all of the evil fallen angels, and the Nephilum , will be sent to the earth. Nephilum are the offspring of fallen angels + human women, as angels are all male, because God only wanted there to be a set # of angels. This is not only the ones that are still alive, but also the spirits of all that have died. This could be massive amounts of evil spirits, considering that this includes the ones from before the flood. (how can we be billions of years old when the moon will leave orbit within 10,000 years, + all orbiting bodies will have messed up orbits, because of the yearly amount of space debris addition)  
    This is free energy technology, that we all will need and love = no cost to run, + no need for any fuel to be purchased. Nor would there be any exhaust to cause environmental or noise pollution. So,,, why haven’t we figured this simple little bit of technology out long ago? These AC generators are extremely easy to rotate, because the only resistance torque,(other than the viscosity of the lubricant in the bearings) would come from a great need for current, which would practically never happen, especially when you are dealing with such small amounts of power as the example that I describe here.  
    I confirmed that this free energy technology, discovered in the early 2000’s, was from God, by finding it in a UFO motor description in Ezekiel 1:16. Thankfully, there are many ways that we can freely multiply the total # of rotations, like a set of varied sized pulleys, can be easily used to multiply the total # of rotations. Then, by simply adding an AC generator to your mini-pulley, you can convert your rotations into cycles of AC electricity.  
    This is one super simple GEM of an idea, and it is made from pre-school technology, so why was this not out long ago. Can you believe the power that evil spirits have, to be able to dumb down a whole population of humans + for so long. I still have problems getting people to believe that there is no torque problem. Think that this may actually be a good enough reason for you to find out if GOD IS REAL = + if HE IS RETURNING SOON =  
    Do you want to hear how truly super simple this technology is, Where you only pay to crank over the DC motor one time, with a 100 cm circumference pulley, Then you use the 100 cm of moving belt off this large pulley circumference, + run it past one mini-pulley of only one centimeter circumferences, All that you have to do is add an AC generator to this mini-pulley, giving you a free return of 100 cycles of AC electricity. That’s one small pulse of DC current as an input, returning you 100 cycles of AC electricity output, How can you not multiply your AC electricity, with this rotation multiplication technology  
    You are using the dirt simple laws of pulley mechanics to multiply rotations, + since AC electricity is generated by simple rotations Believe it or not, you are using this pulley mechanics, to freely multiply your AC electricity + you could easily multiply your AC cycles of electricity by even greater amounts, By simply adding more mini-pulleys with AC generators to the same belt  
    Come on Canadians,,,  
    Come on Nova Scotia,,,  
    This is where this GEM-(Geometrical Electricity Multiplier) technology of free energy for the End Times was 1st started, (early 2000’s when He first shared this with me). Let's get out there and start taking advantage of it, by not only building GEM units to power all of our electric tools, toys + gadgets, but we could be starting companies that have electric appliances, utensils, devices, tools, toys, + gadgets with these GEM perpetual power supplies built into them, (let’s start letting electricity generate itself) + on our labels we could even proudly say "FIGHTING TERRORISM + FIGHTING POLLUTION"  
    COME ON,,, ALL OF YOU BACK YARD MECHANICS,,, Get some AC + DC motors together of the same voltage, and start building these GEM free energy power supplies,, + not only for 1.5, 3, 6, 9 + 12 volt batteries, but household 120, + 12 volt, for powering these new electric cars. Let's throw the oil companies out of work, producing toxic smoke + maybe even make money with them, by throwing any excess power from these perpetually running energy generators that we have the time, + small amount of money to purchase parts to build. Think of it as not only keeping money in your pocket, but you are keeping money from the countries that either fund terrorist, or which are unknowingly funding them. This is not to mention the experimenting that we could be doing with the anti-gravity + speeds approaching light speed. Now I know that there are many out there like me, which would enjoy knowing how one type of this motor was powering a UFO in the Bible, in Ezekiel 1:16.  
    Everybody has heard that the "day + hour knoweth no man"-(Mat 24:36), but why does nobody mention the soon arriving doors that we are not only allowed to know, but in the original Greek, it is worded like a command = “know that it is near, even at the doors”,,, + that 1st Door will close on 2019.04 + the 2nd Door will close on 2025.94. So we are guaranteed that Jesus will set His foot on the Mount of Olives before the year 2026.  
    Did you ever wonder how you could know that it’s near, if we can’t know the day. Near to what then, maybe it’s near to the door/deadline = "know that it is near, even at the doors" Mat 24:33. Doors are plural, because of the two appearances of Jesus, the first is in the clouds,(Rapture) before the 7 year peace treaty is signed + then His second arrival is as His Foot touches earth, on the Mount of Olives. DOOR = (this is not the date of His Arrival, which we are warned that nobody can know, but this is the date that Christ must return before) A day that the Tribulation Saints will not only know, but they will probably being counting down the days until. = (He Returns when the 7 year peace treaty ends)  
    EVil-sOLUTION = isn’t it amazing what Truth can be revealed, when the “il-s” of life are included.  
    PROOF OF CREATION = (space dust) has mass + billions of years of dust would add up eventually + mess up the orbits of all stellar objects, like planets + moons. We could measure the amount of dust on the moon, and divide the total by the amount of dust that is deposited every year, coming up with an age for the moon, and thereby finding out the age of our earth. Most of us have seen pictures of the moon landing, and realize that there is only a few centimeters, meaning that by the deposit of space dust, the moon has only been orbiting us for a few thousand years. Less than 10,000 year
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2018 edited
    no one would believe that my idea would work, and they said that no one would ever believe me unless I could build it, take a video of how it works, and put it on YouTube,,, but I could never seem to get the parts together myself, because of the many barriers, but here is one that is almost identical to my free energy idea = an AC electricity multiplier,,,,,,,,, BUT THIS GUY USES DC MOTORS TO BE THE MULTIPLIER, WITH NO NEED OF HAVING ANY FULL WAVE BRIDGE RECTIFIERS = TO COVERT THE AC THAT YOU WERE MULTIPLYING BACK INTO THE DC THAT YOU WERE USING AS THE DRIVE MOTOR