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    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2017 edited
    Hi all  
    Just been thinking of random things and happened to think about an array of deep underground peltier modules to be used as a thermal electric generator,  
    I just wanted to see what you thought about this idea in general. I thought it might work better in the arctic regions or maybe iceland or somewhere where there is really cold water you could pipe underground, say gravity fed and maybe even use pressured egress water to power steam turbines for additional wattage .. ?  
    maybe the steam could power the water pumps at least.  
    I figure if the pipes cool the cold side of the peltier module the natural heat from the earth would heat the hot side and the pipes could go further down and perhaps coil down deep to generate steam and pressure and power the turbines for the pumps, etc.  
    I thought that way it would be practically 24/7 unlimited power and you could just add additional peltier modules to increase the wattage etc  
    Any thoughts? I thought at least in theory it could work
      CommentAuthorHandy andy
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2017
    Peltier Pumps are inefficient, and need a sudden temperature gradient, not gradual as normally found on the surface of the earth. But based around your heat pump idea you have geothermal power. Steam is extracted at hot spots near the earths surface around volcanic hot spots etc. In many parts of the world geothermal is already being used. If you have a super volcano in your back yard, such as the yellow stone national park. you may be able to power a good part of America, but this would take a lot of political clout to get it moving. texas got rich from oil, why not oklahoma from geothermal power.