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    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2017 edited
    Hi all,  
    First off I want to say I'm new to this field and have little experience but wanted to ask a question as I have imagined something and wondered if it would work or if someone has already tried it.  
    After watching many videos on youtube regarding Belini's SSG, the amazing Tesla and Lindemanns seminars, I am wondering whether you could take the spark gap in the Belini circuit and form it like the one here (6:55 is interesting as it shows no direct arc)  
    but in between the two points, not only do you have the Tesla coil but a Mendocino motor powered by a capacitor of some variety.  
    Also if the head of the Tesla coil also contained a torus or Rodin coil, could the coil be magnetized by the voltage obtained from the Tesla coil?  
    This energy is then fed to rotation of the Mendocino motor could in turn be the internal cylinder of a High COP, Zero Back EMF Electric Motor  
    Probably just bonkers nonsense.  
    Feel free to shoot down the idea but if you could explain why it would not work; I would welcome your explanation.