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      CommentAuthorDr. X
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2017
    I'm new here so chill and try to understand where I am coming from before you dump me in the shredder, please?  
    It seems to me that the terms that we are using, just by definition, make us appear to be crackpots in an unyielding scientific community. Let me explain;  
    I, and the general scientific community agree that you can not derive energy from "nowhere". The question therein is not that an operating perpetual device or over-unity device cannot be conceived and built. The question is simply can we explain where the energy is coming from? I think that even the wildest sounding theory and/or practical machine must have an explanation of how it functions, even if we can not ourselves explain it after discovering it.  
    Consider where you are in science; as inventors on the forefront of several new and unexplained technologies? It will be someone with our mindset and vision that will make the next world changing breakthroughs, it's always been this way. To understand this we might look to the past to understand the future. For an example let's use electricity? Did Ben Franklin know what electricity was when he flew his kite? How about Gilbert and Browne when they separately worked on the Static Effect? How about the crazy wizard-slash-scientist that was making magic 2000 years ago with the Baghdad Battery? How did the other wizards view his invention? Was the power coming from "Nowhere"? To them yes. To us now, we know that it was a simple chemical reaction that created free electrons.  
    My point is this: 2000 years ago the Baghdad battery was, to the current culture, a Free Energy Device. It was Over-unity. The energy came from "Nowhere". We now of course know that it didn't. Today it is not a Free Energy Device. It costs $6 for a pack of 4 at Wallmart and they sell millions a year …. haha, my joke… sorry. You get my point though.  
    So are you a wizard with magnets doing strange things? Maybe your machine seems to defy gravity? Maybe you have used a new material in a new way, in a new machine, and it seems to run forever and output energy from "Nowhere". My bet is that 2000 years from now, or next year, someone will be able to tell you that "Oh, that was the first Dimensional Tap" or "GravHarmonic" or "Flux Capacitor". Yeah, it's pulling energy through time from 1955…  
    There are millions of Perpetual Motion Devices and Over-Unity Machines that are used every day and widely accepted by the scientific community and general society. The only little difference is that we can identify the energy source. Not so mysterious now, those solar cells and nuclear reactors and D cell batteries, are they?  
    Back to terminology: I think where we are at is "New Source Device" or "Unknown Phenomena Machine" or some such. You probably have a cooler term. The point is we are the Wizards of today. Alexander Graham Bell, what a nutcase thinking he can talk through a wire… Madame Curie? oh and Orville and Wilber, Fly? Like a bird? hahaha, what a bunch of Crackpots……Now I'm going back to my lab and watch the wheel that has been spinning for 7 years and again, try to figure out why………