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    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2017
    I wish to propose you a reflection on the exploitation of the Back EMF on a transformer alimented with Pulsed DC.  
    Is it possible to manage and to separate the paths of EMF and the Back EMF by incorporating permanent magnets into the core of the transformer?  
    The role of magnets being to manage the magnetic flow in the blocking in a sense (direction) and by directing it towards him other directions, the magnetic flow of the reel will be forced to follow the same direction for the EMF and the sense inverts for the Back EMF in the cut of the pulsed current.  
    If it is possible, we can get back some energy of C2 and C3 only with impulses squared on C1, that is we shall can be to double the collected energy, by deducting well on the losses joules and by hysteresis.  
    At the end of the transformer, I thought of getting back some energy by aluminums sheets and copper separated by dielectric.  
    I did not experience, because in my country it is not possible to find even magnets necessary for the tests.  
    What do you think about the following plan?  
    Help me by your suggestions.
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2017
    More details about this transformer :