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    Free energy can be directly made from gravitation; because a small mass can acquire all the motion contained in a large mass. And the small mass can return all the motion back to the larger mass.  
    The Dawn Mission de-spin mechanism is a good example; less than 3 kilograms (of thrown masses) acquires all the spinning motion of the 1400 kilograms satellite.  
    It has been proven that if the thrown masses had been left attached; they would restart the full spin of the satellite. Only linear Newtonian momentum has enough motion to return the spin of the satellite.  
    Because the small masses have the linear Newtonian momentum; the energy increase is massive. Production of a massive quantity of free energy would involve a combination of a few simple machines.
    An object with five times as much momentum has twenty five times as much energy.  
    A one kilogram mass that is dropped one meter in free fall has 4.429 units of linear Newtonian momentum.  
    A one kilogram mass dropped one meter in a 25 to one Atwood’s has five times that much momentum; at: square root of (1 m * 2 * 9.81/25) = v: v * 25 kilograms = momentum; 22.147 units. If a one kilogram mass has this much momentum it will rise 25 meters; and it was only dropped one meter.  
    The Atwood’s can give all of its momentum to the one kilogram mass by use of the cylinder and spheres device (or the Dawn Mission de-spin event). The larger the Atwood’s the greater the energy produced: and a chain drive Atwood’s would multiply the affect.
    Only a fraction of the momentum, produced, is needed to reload an imbalanced rim.  
    Sixteen kilograms dropped one meter will produce 70.68 units (4.429 m/sec * 16 kg) of momentum; only 17.718 (d = ½ v²/a) units are needed to reload the rim.  With a velocity of 17.718 an object will rise 16 meters. But the energy difference is 16 to 1: 70.68² / 17.718²; only a minimal percentage of energy is needed to bring the system back to the starting point. The excess free energy can be used to produce electricity.  
    The cylinder and spheres machines proves that the momentum of a very massive object can be given to a small mass. The energy increase is massive.
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    Good news, I'm a new member with the name gs.Serving an idea and I want you to check it out here.  
    I have designed a magnet clipboard on the paper two types of energy source to make a job.  
    the gravity of the gravity and the magnet,which is useful for lifting a magnet rotor one meter up in the sky then she uses the berry and he lurks with power at his entrance gun magnet to break the barrage and create a work circle....  
    I'm a beginner and my first project please let me know if this engine has been hoping to work.  
    thanks in advance g.s
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    how can i upload an image ???
    gs After you have registered; you can start a new discussion by using the prompt at the upper left. You can sight images you have placed on youtube.
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