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    I need help because i'm not engineer, i was thinking of recover electricity for a btc miner via peltier elements in case i bought miner.  
    then changed my mind when i considered generating electricity because it's adding value profitable looks so cool to me, thisby is what i want to do.  
    i was thinking if i can use much of peltiers and slim radiaters, i can do good profit in my room space, i googled until found vortex tube that generates delta temperature, i'm planing to us the delta temp first to recover some electricity used by air compressor, then (using .125" diameter to fight pressure drop) i gather the two flows and put them into another vortex tube to generate/refresh delta temp this time to generate free/additional electricity (if needed air driven air booster to prevent air pressure drop).  
    i want your help (remember that the idea for home business geothermal not optional)  
    waiting your advise