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    Im Bill Jensen, and Tesla searcher, NOT the electromagnetic radio wave sparking types. But the non sparking Scalar types. I would like to share how I did this if people are interested.  
    How do I attach a picture???  
    OK, heres a dropbox link to the main first picture of scalar waves at 900 watts input power, doing weird things for starters. I'm an experimentalist, not mathematician. But broad science background, Bach degree from Johns Hopkins, 1979.  
    Bill Jensen
    Ok, i found a way to crop my picture, and put it into my account pictures, but not directly in this post.  
    Heres what you should see...  
    A digital pic cpu chip, two 74hc14 chips with 1 stage rc oscillator, rest in parallel output. The cpu Pic displays the frequency on the backlit lcd display.  
    This circuit board should get its power, +6vdc and ground on right two top wires, but i cut off the power wires! The left 2 should supply the primary of the thick copper primary, but i disconnected the top wire, so no circuit there.  
    The only real wire is to earth ground on the power strip.  
    To get it to work, off picture, is a scalar wave generator, i can tell all about, to interested parties. My email is not working hardly at all now.  
    wdjensen at hotmail dot com Bill Jensen, near Seattle.
    Click on my blue text name, wdjensen123, to see the picture, uggg, its resolution uploaded, and degraded, but still of value.  
    On left, see 3 drill bits all softened twisted by use, bent by hammer blows, softened, when exposed to tesla scalar waves, 15 feet away, in plastic case, not melted, drills never softened by any heating.  
    The paper shows a part of my excel plot of gravitometer data of the gravitational anomalies detected up to 50 yards from the power scaler generator. The plot is a straight horizontal line if measured 5 miles away or elsewhere.
    Idea.... if instead of clicking the blue dropbox hires picture link.... copy the dropbox link, paste into address bar of a Browser app. Might be able to see original puc that way.  
    Any interest?
    I redid the picture dropbox link, here it is, a new, maybe better one: