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    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2018 edited
    Hello,my name is David. I will tell you how to create electricity in two easy ways there is a third but I want even bother with it unless ask through email. Firstly there are three forms of electricity that we think about; static electricity, direct current and alternating current. All three are unique and have there purpose and all electrons being the same electrons. Static electricity is the easiest to create and can be changed to D/C. D/C can be changed to A/C. Now our goal is devices with hardly any to no moving parts and being simple in design and very efficient. First rule is to stop moving or rotating shafts when possible; move the electrons or magnetic fields not the motor. The next rule is to use energy in the form that you want to create; meaning you have less energy loss when you go from one state to that same state. The last but not the final rule is inductance has to be used to it’s full potential. You can copy electricity through induction many times after all the power companies have been doing it from the begging and every house uses copied power. Study how trainsformer are made and what they can do; step power up, step power down and copy power. I call it a copy machine with no moving parts. The other device is a generator with no moving parts it’s kinda the same thing as a transformer and what your doing is flipping the alignment of electrons and not rotating a magnetic field with a driven shaft. I don’t demand payment for this but will except donations if I’ve help and you want to. Please don’t bring up the laws of thermodynamics it doesn’t apple.
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2018 edited
    Hi David  
    Yes i would be interested in talking this through further as you have have indicated.  
    Would you like to e-mail me direct?