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    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2018
    This seems to me a great technology revolution! As if these guys are extremely gifted engineers! Please look at the two links below:  
    The first link contains the text, and the second link contains the related Figs.1-6. The two links form one united whole.  
    Besides there is an YouTube clip which describes the same technology. The video quality of the clip is not very good however.  
    The clip can be found at this link:  
    Alternatively, you can run a search in Google for the phrase "HOW BARON MUNCHAUSEN CAN LIFT HIMSELF INTO THE AIR BY PULLING HIMSELF UP BY HIS OWN HAIR" (with capital letters).  
    You can contact the inventors at  
    And most important, in order to understand the text and the related Figs.1-6, you have to be an expert in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics  
    My friends and I are extremely curious about the opinions of the colleagues, who are members of the world community, related to reactionless propulsion systems, alternative sources of energy and other non-standard technology problems.  
    What do you think about the experiment described in the links above? As if everything seems to be perfect? As if this is really a reactionless propulsion system and/or a perpetual motion machine?  
    Besides these guys suggest another technology revolution. Their second technology breakthrough increases drastically the distance travelled by a standard electric car on a single charge. And what do you think about this electric technology?  
    Eagerly looking forward to your answer.  
    Best regards  
    George Sen